Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Strip Club
Diamond Dolls (Pompano Beach, West Ft. Lauderdale area)

Booby Trap
"Just a few updates following our last trip. Mikayla, the beauftiful Asian muscle doll is officially retired. She is now in full time training to enter the medical feild as a paramedic (I'll bet she causes more heart attacks than she saves). She said she has not ruled out a return to the Booby Trap in a few months. At the end she was more incredible than ever having dropped some weight in training for a few local marathons. Her abs and waist were awesome with her massive quads like slabs of concrete. Let's hope for a quick return.
A new muscle discovery was found this week however, at The Trap Her name is Jackie and she is a sculputed beauty. At 5'3 and 100 pounds with black hair and "school teacher" glasses, there is not a wasted ounce on her body. When I asked her her bf%, she said "something like 12%" which seemed high to me. With a hard but tiny chest, Jackie had the most incredibly peaked biceps I've seen in a long time. Unflexed, they do not appear large but the veins on her forearms and tennis balls biceps danced as she played with her hair and she seemed to enjoy my commentary. Her stomach is ripped and she had 2 belly-button rings. Her calves are beautifully crafted and my second favorite bodypart following the guns. Her quads were rock-hard. She said she hardly ever works out which is one for Ripley's once you see her. The true delight is that she loves the admiration and loves to flex every muscle. We did four dances and each was sexier than the next. Well worth the trip from anywhere although she said she only works a few nites a week (I think M-T-W, from 7 to 2 am)"Updated 2-1-05
"The good news is that Mikayla is back at the Booby Trap and looking better than ever. Her quads are as massive as before and her calves are like diamonds. Her major improvement is her arms which she is happy to display and flex. They are at the top of the fitness level with just enough size and peak to please. Her dances are incredible as she lets you enjoy every muscle on her incredible body. She commented that "you seem to like my arms" and made sure she flexed them numerous times during each dance. At $10 a dance, you can't go wrong and the hourly special is 2 x $10. A real deal" Updated 10-17-04

Ft. Lauderdale/South Beach, Florida
Scarlett's "Fabiola, she was wearing a 1-piece mesh black long-sleeve top that was see-through. It still pretty much covered her arms. Anyway, found out she was from the Dominican Republic (so technically I guess she's Hispanic sort of but looks black ;-) ). Through the material her arms DID feel quite nice. Her hair was NOT parted down the side but kinda center-parted framing her face. Plus she was only 5'0" with maybe 5" heels." "So during her first private dance from me, although she was WELL aware of why I was there and why she appeals to me, I was again a bit surprised how much auto-pilot T & A dancing she did. Anyway, during the next dance I DID get her to remove the mesh top and found her right arm was much better than her left. The right bicep was definitely photoshoot material good (from front and back), hard, cute shape, as well as her forearm was nicely hard, too - with the tell-tale vein going through the bicep." Updated 4-6-04
Key West, Florida

Bare Assets "Just hit a place last night called "Bare Assests" in Key west. There is one girl there named Vanessa (I think). Tight body, hard calves & legs, lean but defined biceps, nice abs. Great girl (she played the customers like a pro) she was talking to everyone when not on stage - & remembered everyones name. She just came back after a year off. Said she wanted to go back to the gym, she was much more muscular when she left.$20.00 dances Hot Stuff!!!" Updated 2-17-04

Miami, Florida
“Tootsie's has a beautiful muscle girl named Brandy. She is about 5-8 in heels, so maybe 5-4 barefoot. At 5-4, I would guess she is about 140-145. BIG quads (about 24), arms about 13 or 14 toned, a RIPPED back that she loves to flex. Thick chest with boob job. When she marches onstage with th other girls, clothed, she is about twice the thickness of the other girls. Very pretty, with brown highlighted hair, brown eyes.

She is very into her muscles and LOVES to flex. Told me she squats 225 and does 170 on pulldowns. She is there on most weekends. And she is very busy.” Updated 8-5-05

"Brandy: 5'5", 150 lbs., blondish Amber DeLuca lookalike, nice muscles all over, good size arms, veiny arms, lovely lats, good quads and calves, strong, AND with nice abs - will show off her muscles constantly (if that's your thing). Has competed in Muscle Mania as a natural bodybuilder before. Works evenings Bently: Very pretty, sexy, thick Cuban younger version of Monica Martin, sexy accent, nicely thick body, great bearhug, will show off her muscles. Works M-F, 12pm-8pm. Casey: VERY VERY gorgeous sexy 4'11" Rhonda Dethlefs lookalike (but not as muscular). Cute thick physique, playful, thick powerful looking thighs, nice abs for off-season, cute arms, will show off her muscles. Works evenings" Updated 1-3-05
"Brandy: short, blonde, very muscular, does not compete but could as a bodybuilder, works M-F, 12pm-8pm "Bently: latin, brown hair, fitness muscle, works M-F, 12pm-8pm Updated 10-8-04

Pink Pony"Last February, at the Pink Pony in Miami, west of the airport, I had some lap dances with an African American dancer named Moniette (pronounced mo-NEET). She has very well developed biceps and shoulders, but was otherwise not all that muscular. And she's very sweet. Lap dances at this particular club are upstairs in a separate room, and there is only one couch so you have to wait your turn - I made the person behind me wait forever! Contact is high and it is an experience not to be missed. BTW she says that she doesn't work out much, she is just naturally strong and "does some military presses." She's about 35 years old. Classification would be "very toned," not fitness or BB although if she worked her whole body, she sure would be after a while." Updated 2/03

Pompano Beach, Florida
Strip Club
Booby Trap
"Stopped off tonight at the Booby trap tonight after work to watch some girls and the end of the game. Met one girl named Mikayla. A pretty asian girl about 5'1" 125lbs or so and lots of time in the gym. She looked like off season condition beautiful shapes and THICK all over. Most impressive were her thighs and calves. I only had a short chance to talk with her and had to leave before I hot a chance to have her dance for me, very friendly but I didn't get a chance to ask if she would pose or flex, too bad. She said she would be at the club on Friday from 1-7, too bad I won't get a chance to run into her then, maybe someone else will get a chance to ask her how she feels about flexing for dollars" Updated 10-24-03

Tampa Bay, Florida
Strip Club
Mermaids "Met Thumper,off season muscle,got a dance,she said she use to do wrestling vids.Blonde,decnt build,dances only$10.Other girls-Justice-little muscle,lots attitude,Angel-6,2-nice personality,very diverse group." Updated 2-21-04